About Laboratories TBC

Bruno Eto CEO of Laboratories TBC biotechnology company at the Service of the life sciences industry
Dr. Bruno ETO (PhD)
MD/CEO Laboratoire TBC

About Laboratories TBC

Laboratoires TBC is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and production of phytomedicines, herbal dietary supplements and herbal cosmetics products. All our products are developed from the concept of Polyphytotherapy Alternative and Combination (PPAC). This new concept is the possibility to use many plant extracts in the same formulation. It is also the possibility to alternate or combine/replace one or more plants extracts in the formula according to the desired objective.

PPAC offers phytopharmacologists a wide range of possibilities to formulate a number of combinations of plant and mushroom extracts. This concept of development of phytomedicines and herbal nutraceuticals products was ancestral and was used by traditional medical patricians in Congo basin forest Congo to treat people. This concept is not based on the principle of ligand-receptor used in allopathy, but on the concept of functional approach.

The notion of the binding of the ligand to an identified receptor is replaced by the extract and corresponding biological effect. Regardless of the ligand involved, only the biological effect is taken into account in this concept. This new strategy and method improves the quality of phytomedicine and nutraceuticals products use in individual patients and patient populations on based on efficiency, and the lack of adverse drug reaction and low cost.

All products are plant based products, free of GMO, gluten, preservatives, colorants and are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP). Quality assurance and traceability are well controlled. Clinical results support their effectiveness.


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