Boscisucrophage ®: Antidiabetic type 2

Boscisucrophage® is a natural product emerging from scientific research. It is a natural herbal product for glucose lowering and for reduces risk of cardiovascular Diseases. This product was also use in Metabolic Syndrome and designed according to concept of Polyphytotherapy Alternative and Combination. Pre-clinical studies show that Boscisucrophage® blocks the intestinal absorption of sugars. The difference to Phytosucrophage® lies in the selection of the plants and in the mechanism of action: Boscisucrophage® blocks the function of the glucose transporter SGLT1 as well as its expression in the intestine. Clinical studies on humans have not only shown a very rapid and significant decrease in glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c), but also of glycaemia, lipidemia as well as an improvement of the lipoprotein ratio (HDL /LDL).