Fagaricine® Natural Immunorestorative phytomedicine

Fagaricine® or F-532® is a natural immunorestorative phytomedicine commercially available, i.e. a product that restores the destroyed or weakened immune system. Preclinical studies and clinical studies in immunodeficiency patients have shown that Fagaricine® causes the restoration of lymphocytes (CD4). CD4 is the ''driving force" of the immune response, because it stimulates the production of NK (Neutral-Killers involved in the destruction of cancer cells), T8 lymphocytes (CD8 involved in the destruction of the virus), B lymphocytes (involved in the bacterial destruction), polynuclear cells (involved in parasites destruction) and mononuclear cells (which are involved in fungi destruction). Fagaricine® is a natural plant extract manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), free of colorants, animal residues, and GMO.