Conférence du Docteur Bruno ETO

Boscia senegalensis, de la cuisine de Tumai à la pharmacie ou l'histoire d'un aliment oublié qui devient un antidiabétique de type 2
Lundi 8 Septembre 2014 à 14h00 dans l’amphithéâtre du CEED

Centre européen d’étude du Diabète
Boulevard René Leriche – 67200
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Fight against Ebola epidemic

The fagaricine or F-532 is a powerful immunorestorative, that is, a product that reconstitutes the immune deficiency destroyed or weakened. It is a phytomedicine manufactured from a mixture of plants in accordance with the concept of polyphytotherapy alternative and combination that has been developed since 2004. Its main mechanism of action is as below.

Health Scientific Conference on the benefits of Fagaricine

Natural product designed to fight against the immunosuppression, the Fagaricine has been a scientific conference, hosted on March 24 in Brazzaville by its inventor Prof. Bruno Eto. The conference under the theme "clinical benefits of Fagaricine" was organized by Laboratoires Transcell TBC-Lab of the Faculty of Medicine Xavier Bichat in Paris (France), in partnership with the Fondation Congo Assistance (CFA).

Laboratoires TBC partners with National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products

Laboratoires TBC is an international research company specializing in the development and production of bio-phytodrugs, herbal dietary supplements and phyto-cosmetics. All our products are developed from the concept of alternative and combinatorial polyphytotherapy (CHP). Our laboratory has been controlled by the MSNA (National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products).

Business Partners Wanted

Laboratoires TBC supplies fully developed and patented, ready-to-use herbal formulas. If you are a manufacturer, distributor or agent for natural herbal medicines, cosmetics and / or food supplements with a clear emphasis on high quality products, please contact us for business opportunities.