Phytosucrophage® Antidiabetic type 2

Phytosucrophage® is a natural product emerging from scientific research. It is a natural herbal product for glucose lowering, for reduce blood pressure and to improve Metabolic Syndrome, designed according to the concept of Polyphytotherapy Alternative and Combination. Pre-clinical studies have shown that Phytosucrophage® inhibits the intestinal absorption of sugars, increases fatty acid oxidation in the liver, reduces liver fat, and increases sensitivity to insulin. In the pancreas, it causes the secretion of insulin and also causes proliferation of beta cells. Finally, in vitro studies have shown that Phytosucrophage® causes an increase in the synthesis of sugar transporter (Glut4) in the muscle and also its translocation into the membrane. Clinical studies on humans have not only shown a very rapid and significant decrease in glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c), but also of glycaemia, lipidemia and an improvement of the lipoprotein ratio (HDL/LDL).